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Caren + Jeff | Las Vegas Wedding

These two Texans are smart, successful, down to earth, traveling the world, stunning people who came to Las Vegas with a group of their closest friends and family to get married. Well, marrying people is what we do best in Vegas!  Or at least the quickest
Caren and Jeff’s story is sooooo cute! They met at...

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Awesome Olga! I’m loving the tilt shift stuff!
You’re officially Queen of the Boneyard!!
Hope to see you soon!


Haha! i was just thinking the same thing :) … I love me some TS too :)

You did a stupid good job as always! Love the last one!

Caren Hayden

Thanks so much, Olga! They are beautiful! We had so much fun driving around with you guys.


Cynthia and Caren, these are exquisite photos and you look so happy. I wish for you happiness always.

Beautiful work!

Love the sassy ones against the yellow and two of them walking away down Fremont. :-) Beautiful work Olga!

Engin + Natalia | Vegas Wedding

We hosted yet another couple from Europe in Vegas! Engin and Natalia came from Germany to get married Vegas style! Later on they will have a super fun and relaxed ceremony on Bali. But for now, it was short and on point, aka Vegas wedding. They got married in Little Chapel of the West, and...

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absolutely amazing!!!